The City of Boise offers a variety of opportunities for dogs and their owners to roam freely.  4 Dog Off-Leash Parks and designated foothills trails (available everyday from sunrise to sunset). Feature mulch or sand surface material.  9 Dog Off-Leash Areas (available for off-leash use seasonally or during designated hours) in developed multi-use parks with green grass, restrooms and irrigation. Dog parks are planned for Borah and four undeveloped sites (Bowler, Magnolia, Molenaar, and Murgoitio), when funding comes available for development.Boise City Code requires that dogs be on a leash at all City Parks and Facilities, unless otherwise indicated. For laws regarding dogs in parks, please visit Rules, Regulations, and Compliance.For more information about off-leash areas, please visit City of Boise Parks and Recreation. 

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