This is a polygon data set representing City of Boise annexations and de-annexations since the original townsite was established in 1866 by the Idaho Territorial Legislature. An annexation is the legal incorporation of a geographic area in to a political body. A de-annexation is the secession of a geographic area from a political body. De-annexed areas are areas that were once part of the incorporated boundaries of Boise City but have been removed from the incorporated boundaries (based on the ordinance tied to the de-annexation). The source of the data is the ordinances of annexation recorded by the Boise City Clerks' office. This data is maintained by City of Boise GIS and is based on the legal descriptions contained in the ordinances. This data set is continually being updated as annexations occur. It is current to the date it was published.   Data Attributes: Ordinance # (ORDINANCE): This is a number, assigned by the Boise City Clerk's Office, which uniquely identifies the codified annexation. Year Approved (ANNEXYEAR): Year the annexation was approved. Official Effective Date (EFFECTIVEDATE): The official date the annexation became effective. Unique ID (ANNEXNUMBER): This is a unique identification code, assigned by Boise City Planning and Development Services, used to track the progression of an annexation prior to the annexation being codified as an official ordinance. Notes (ANNEXNOTES): Miscellaneous information associated with the annexation (i.e. other ordinances that affect that particular ordinance, de-annexed areas).  De-annexation (DeAnnexed)? Indicates whether the polygon has been 'de-annexed' or not.   For more information about annexations, please contact the City of Boise Planning & Development Services division.

Dataset Attributes

  • Ordinance #:
    {"value"=>"46-13", "count"=>31} (), {"value"=>"2990", "count"=>21} (), {"value"=>"4958", "count"=>20} (), {"value"=>"6287", "count"=>13} (), {"value"=>"55-15", "count"=>10} (), {"value"=>"5963", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"5057", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"6541", "count"=>7} (), {"value"=>"6373", "count"=>7} (), {"value"=>"5933", "count"=>7} ()
  • Year Approved:
    1866 to 2018
  • Official Effective Date:
    -3280989600000 to 1528207200000
  • Unique ID:
    {"value"=>" ", "count"=>427} (), {"value"=>"CAR13-008", "count"=>31} (), {"value"=>"A-6-86", "count"=>20} (), {"value"=>"CAR03-028", "count"=>13} (), {"value"=>"CAR15-025", "count"=>10} (), {"value"=>"CAR99-003", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"CAR98-002", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"A-8-87", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"A-23-93", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"CAR05-057", "count"=>7} ()
  • Notes:
    {"value"=>" ", "count"=>761} (), {"value"=>"Amends Ord No 6488", "count"=>7} (), {"value"=>"Amends Ord No 1282", "count"=>6} (), {"value"=>"State Legislature", "count"=>4} (), {"value"=>"Amends 3378 which amends 3358", "count"=>3} (), {"value"=>"Amends Ord No 5527", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Amends Ord No 5344", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Amends Ord No 4958", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Amends Ord No 4853", "count"=>2} (), {"value"=>"Amends Ord No 4143", "count"=>2} ()
  • DeAnnexed?
    {"value"=>"No", "count"=>904, "code"=>"N"} ()
  • Shape__Area
    0.6168212890625 to 108244249.244995
  • Shape__Length
    11.9246034867058 to 93382.3131520211

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