The parking zone data set was developed for the Parking Services Division of the Finance and Administration Department for general mapping purposes and online mapping software to identify the parking zones administrated by the City of Boise. This data set should only be used for general information and cannot be used to contest signage on the ground. This data set bears similarities to the Parking Services Districts data set. The Parking Services Districts data set outlines the administrative boundaries of districts where parking control is enforced, while the Parking Zones data set identifies the curbside parking available within the control districts. This is a line data set representing the location of on-street (a.k.a. curbside) parking for the downtown and the mixed use, high impact residential areas of Boise City. Parking zones are established to regulate parking as to reduce negative impacts to residents, businesses, and traffic due to high vehicle density; in accordance with the provisions of the Boise City Code Chapter 10. The data set includes the location of accessible parking, motorcycle parking, timed parking, metered parking, loading zones, bus stops, and police parking zones. The dataset does not identify parking garages, parking lots, or other parking facilities. The data set identifies the type of parking zones, maximum time duration, and category (general parking zone, residential time zone, or special parking district zone). Every effort is made to keep this data accurate, however, positional and attribute accuracy as well as completeness and currentness for this data set cannot be guaranteed. The public should always obey the signs, signals, marking, and devices on the ground regardless of the content of this data set. This data set is maintained by Boise City IT GIS for the Parking Services Division of the Finance

Dataset Attributes

    {"value"=>"TIMED", "count"=>381} (), {"value"=>"OPEN", "count"=>304} (), {"value"=>"METERED", "count"=>297} (), {"value"=>"LOADING", "count"=>58} (), {"value"=>"ACCESSIBLE", "count"=>46} (), {"value"=>"MOTORCYCLE", "count"=>18} (), {"value"=>"NO PARKING", "count"=>10} (), {"value"=>"BUS", "count"=>7} (), {"value"=>"POLICE", "count"=>4} ()
    {"value"=>"NONE", "count"=>371} (), {"value"=>"1 HOUR", "count"=>319} (), {"value"=>"2 HOUR", "count"=>307} (), {"value"=>"10/30 MIN", "count"=>58} (), {"value"=>"1.5 HOUR", "count"=>29} (), {"value"=>"30 MIN", "count"=>18} (), {"value"=>"15 MIN", "count"=>14} (), {"value"=>"5 MIN", "count"=>8} (), {"value"=>"2 HOUR", "count"=>1} ()
    {"value"=>"GENERAL", "count"=>913} (), {"value"=>"RESIDENTIAL", "count"=>88} (), {"value"=>"SPD2", "count"=>67} (), {"value"=>"SPD1", "count"=>57} ()
  • ResZone
    {"value"=>"Purple", "count"=>289} (), {"value"=>"Light Blue", "count"=>269} (), {"value"=>"SE Boise", "count"=>161} (), {"value"=>"Light Green", "count"=>155} (), {"value"=>"Orange", "count"=>123} (), {"value"=>"Dark Green", "count"=>119} (), {"value"=>"None", "count"=>9} ()
  • Shape__Length
    6.72919434893374 to 656.095563627938


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