This map depicts City of Boise Parks and Recreation trail data, local trails managed by other agencies and organizations, trailheads, Greenbelt user-location map sites, and Greenbelt DOTS mile marker locations.  Trails can be for walking, hiking, biking or motorized use or any combination use. Trails can be hard surface or natural material. The features included in this line feature class are the Greenbelt, Federal Way, Foothills, Ridge to Rivers, Ada-Eagle Trails (bike park), USFS Mores Mountain, and Land Trust of the Treasure Valley trails. A Greenbelt map is a sign along the Boise River that shows a map of the user's location relative to the system. The Greenbelt is a 25-mile pathway system, primarily along the Boise River. The Greenbelt has map signage along its length that is intended to both guide and orient visitors during use. The Greenbelt milepost markers along the Boise River are collectively known as the Distance and Orientation Trail System (DOTS). Mileposts are a series of numbered markers placed along a route at regular intervals used as reference points. The DOTS divides the greenbelt trails into quadrants; north and south side of the Boise River, and east or west of the origin at the 8th Street pedestrian bridge in Boise, Idaho. Milepost identification is comprised of the quadrant or sector (i.e. NW for northwest, SW for southwest, NE for northeast, and SE for southeast) and a mileage (in tenths of a mile). For example, NE 3.1, indicates the north side of the river, and east of the 8th Street pedestrian bridge by 3.1 miles. There are several known exceptions to this convention. The milepost origin for the north and south trail origins are simply delineated by ‘N’ and ‘S’. Also, several mileposts are marked with a ‘W’ for West where the north and south trails converge. Mileage numbers increase as you move east and west from the 8th Street pedestrian bridge. Milepost markers are not always physically marked on the ground. This data set shows mileposts along the trail centerline and is not meant to represent the physical demarcation of the mileposts. Physical markers, if they exist, will be relatively nearby the point defined in this data set.For more information about Boise trails, please visit:Ridge to RiversGreenbeltBoise TrailsEagle Bike ParkLand Trust of the Treasure Valley

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